Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Every Good Boy Does Fine ( #musiclingo)

"Soul's Voice"
solvent ink, dye ink, alcohol ink in YUPO journal

Musicians should remember the mnemonic phrase in the blog title.  The rest of you are probably confused. I used it and others to read music when first learning the piano, the first of my three instruments (clarinet and trumpet followed shortly after.) Growing up there were weekly lessons in the home of Mrs. Ricketson, nightly practice, lessons in school for the other instruments, more practice on them,  the start of writing some music (one song only that I now have to play by pure memory because I can't find it), and finally the introduction to listening to music. Once I went down that rabbit hole I never came out.  Music is a mainstay in my household so it should not be a surprise that my drawings for stencils went in that direction.  I was mentored to find something that was very meaningful to me and go for it.  So go for it I did.  I can now announce that I have become a StencilGirl artist and that my four clef designs in two different sizes (4" x 4" and 6" x 6") are now live on their site.  You can see them all on one page or view them individually with the samples below.   All are based on my inspiration sketch, which became a rubber stamp this spring:

Some of these samples appear with the stencils on the StencilGirl site, but a few are new this week and will only appear here.  Rather than have one tutorial,  I included all of them with materials used.  If you have more "how" questions, just send me a message. 

Clarity stamp available on Etsy
acrylic, specialty paper

                                                                  6" x 6"  B Flat Clef
acrylic, Pitt Pen on paper

"Clefs on Parade" 
dye ink, solvent ink on canvas

solvent ink on paper

CitraSolv Ink Manipulation mounted on cardstock

dye ink, solvent ink on canvas

"Pitch Perfect"
CitraSolv Ink Manipulation mounted on canvas

                                                                   "Leather and Lace"
glossy substrate, spray inks

handmade paper, acrylic, fiber wall hanging

Citra Solv Ink Manipulation on cardstock

                                                                      "Be Amazed"
dye inks, solvent inks, acrylic

Thanks for sharing in my launch of these samples.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  Check back here or on my site or my Facebook page, Nancy Curry Art,  for future blog entries with new samples.  This is just the tip of the iceberg. 


muffy said...

I loved them all but since I have to choose .....
I choose Clefs on Parade. I love the colors and movement
In that piece.

My favorite song is What Become's of the Broken Hearted.
By Jimmy Ruffin

Mary C. Nasser said...

What delightful stencils designs and gorgeous creations!!
Congratulations, Nancy!!
I am in love with your Clarity piece! :)

Dee Spillane said...

Love your designs! These are beautiful pieces.

Frances said...

Your work is simply beautiful and picking a favorite piece is like picking a favorite note in a song -
they are all equally beautiful.

segway into my favorite song - "I'll Give You a Daisy a Day"

nancy connelly said...

My favorite is "Clefs on Parade". The colors are so vivid and there is so much that catches my eye.

My favorite song is what ever I am listening to at the time. If I am not listening to music I would say that my favorite song is "Feelings".

Beckie T. said...

I want to do a piece for my husband Fred's birthday, and 'Clefs on Parade' looks like a perfect set for one of our favorite songs, 'Send in the Clowns'.
Adding that we also Love 'I'll Give You a Daisy a Day' and 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' pretty much tells you who we are!

AmyF said...

Very hard to choose, but I love Pitch Perfect. Wonderful work!

Favorite song of all time: 'Werewolves of London' by Warren Zevon.

A. Bailey said...
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A. Bailey said...

"Clefs on Parade". Whimsical. LOVE IT!!! The title takes me back to those wonderful fundemental music practice books from childhood - :-) Can't you just see it?

A. Bailey said...

Oh. "Brandy" by Looking Glass. K-Tel I Believe in Music 1972. I feel like I should have said "There from Land of the Giants" but I honestly can't remember it. ..... are we still friends?

cheryl in kc said...

Ok, everyone that knows me will be surprised, but my favorite is "Clarity"! I love the complexity of it, which is often what clarity is! And my favorite song is the entire Pink Floyd album, "Animals".

Veronica said...

Nancy I love all music and so it hard to pick a favorite...for I have many! I will say that my Mother always sang this song in church called The Lighthouse. It is so powerful, and such an uplifting song.

bev said...

Of course I LOVE all of your pieces...but I think 'Clefs On Parade' is my is YOU! I love the designs, it brings back early memories of the weekly piano lessons while growing up!
Have to add I love how you manipulate the citraSolv on some of the others...
My favorite song would have to be Hallelujah, song by either Espen Lind or KD Lang, (hard to choose)

MB Shaw said...

Ah, yes! These are gorgeous. They are youu, through and through. LOVE the designs and what you have done with them :)

J-Lin said...

Nancy, I was a once a week girl, too! My dad is a retired band director and music is his reason for gettin' outta bed everyday! These pieces are beautiful. I am also inspired to work on art and practice. I play oboe to this day (I started @ nine and am 55)and have to play a solo for a church service in August. Thanks for the inspiration and posting them for us to see and purchase (the stamp,too).