Friday, September 18, 2009

Beginnings and Endings

A heavy post written with a heavy heart. I am blessed to have a core group of people in my life that I love and would do anything for. My life is richer because of these people. I learn daily how to be a better person and thank God every day for teaching me through them. I understand why they have been brought to me. What I don't understand is why those that focus on the negative and tearing people/places down must also be a part of my life? I guess I am supposed to learn from them, too, but these lessons are oh so painful. For me, nothing can hurt worse than the betrayal by someone I considered a friend. It hasn't happened often in my adult life so this took me by surprise. I hope the pain and anguish that is inside subsides for her so she can get on with her life. I will get on with mine. The artwork for today is aptly titled "Life's Beginnings". Happenstance.........

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