Monday, September 14, 2009


It has been a jampacked couple of months since I posted anything new. Stampaway was a blast as usual. I had so many wonderful people in my classes and had fun mingling with old and new friends. I couldn't have asked for better weather or company. I stopped back into St. Louis for four days and then left on a 10 trip to the Outer Banks with Jim and Sammi. We met up with my sister and family for a wonderful time. Our house was a former model so it was definitely HGTV perfection. The beach was wonderful and the ocean was peaceful until Bill the Hurricane showed up. But still it was a great trip. School preparation, some teenage drama, and a death in the family of a dear friend dominated the next week before school and then it happened....I have a junior in high school now. Actually one who sometimes thinks she is wise beyond her years. It has been a roller coaster at times. So school is now in session and I am trying to find my studio once again. It looks like a cyclone blew through it. Enjoy this little ATC and I'll try to be back soon.

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